Tuesday, June 16, 2009


July 4 picnic, 1942, Maryland. Photograph by Majory Collins

Ah, I can take my shoes off and relax.......all 56 emails have been sent out.
Penpals matched, armed and ready! Let the writing begin:)
That was a lot of work but I hope that everyone involved gets enjoyment out of it:) I did.

If there are any glitches, please contact me. I will try to help out as best I can. I am hoping everyone will write a letter but life sometimes gets in the way and things happen....so please be understanding if that occurs.


  1. I'm very excited to be a part of this- thank you for all the hard work you did in organizing it!

  2. Thank you Shelagh, for beginning and coordinating Artful Pen Pals! I will enjoy writing letters to the wonderful person you matched me with.

    Hugs, Pat

  3. Thanks for all your work, Shelagh and for matching us all up. Can't wait to get writing! :O) Jen

  4. my girl looks like a perfect match!!
    you did a great job...
    now to find my pen.

  5. I'm so sorry I missed this opportunity. I found out about it today. :(

    hopefully next time.

  6. Argh! I, too, only just today discovered this jewel of pen-to-paper letter writing and connecting. Perhaps you will host a second "round" for us soon...

  7. I'm so excited - I mailed off my first letter yesterday!

  8. I have just received my letter this morning, I was so excited to see it in my mail box. I did get mine written and will send it out right away. My pen pal Nancy she is just a sweet heart..you did great... thanks.


  9. Just found out about this via Gifted Typist's blog. Wonderful idea! I love seeing handwritten mail in the mailbox. I might just be motivated to look for other penpal services...

  10. Hi Shelagh! Thanks again for all your hard work on this...If you have any "unclaimed" pen pals please send one my way.... Never heard a peep from mine :(
    Thanks & Tail Wags to All.

  11. Thanks for all the work on this project. I wrote my pen-pal and have heard back! Yipee!

    My question: Did someone else get my name to write to me first, or were we given to one other person as a 'pair'? I don't know if I should be getting a latter from someone else too, or if I'm all set.

    This is awesome regardless!!

  12. If you ever decide to do this again, Oh please sign me up first!!!!! I think this is marvelous and would love to penpal with someone. I never am able to find someone as thrilled with the idea as I am... Anyway if anything here is my email.


  13. I love the look of your blog and your title. Love your artistic nature here. I'll follow you. Come see what I am doing at my two blogs. http://acamphosthousewifesmeanderings.blogspot.com/ and Levonne's Pretty Pics too.