Monday, June 15, 2009

Registration now closed

Thanks everyone for participating! Now the fun begins. Registration is closed.

I will go through all your emails and try to match people up as best I can with the info you have sent me. I will send you each an email with the name and address of your partner and a bit of info about them. It is then all up to you!
Some ideas for your letters might be to include a photo of yourself and family, a post card from where you live, a favourite recipe, poem, memories of childhood, what you are up to today, dreams, favourite things, why you were compelled to sign on to this, etc. Just a few prompts:)

So now I have to get to work!
Cheers, Shelagh


  1. Just for curiosity's sake, how many people did you have sign up?

  2. Oh, how exciting! I don't envy you right now, Shelagh . . . I'm sure it's going to be a lot of work! Thank you for doing it though . . . it's going to be fun!

    Take care,
    Teresa (Inside the Mind of a MiniMadWoman)

  3. Hello Shelagh; I am so excited to see who my new Pen Pal will be. I love all the sugestions you shared I will be keeping my two eyes out for your Have a great day,,, Oh my I must go and get me some very pretty paper to write on..


  4. Boo Hoo...I missed out again.
    Please contact me the next time you do a penpal swap...thanks.